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SAP wants to embrace all your data stores with Data Hub

If data warehouses are for tidiness freaks (information packaged into neat inferences, sorted and stacked, the rest discarded) and data lakes are for hoarders (tip everything in, you never know what might be useful) then SAP’s new Data Hub may be for the rest of us.

It’s a new data management tool intended to process only the data you need — and to go looking for it where it’s created or stored, without requiring you to pull it all into one place. 

Data scientists will be able to use it to analyze data from multiple sources and systems.

“Data Hub is a strong data management umbrella layer that allows for data integration, data processing and data governance,” said Irfan Khan, global head of SAP database and data management sales.

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Microsoft releases KB 4040724 fix for bugs introduced in this month’s Win10 1703 patch

Those of you who cringed after installing Patch Tuesday’s missive for Windows 10 Creators Update, version 1703, can breathe a small sigh of relief. Two of the known bugs in that patch — one that scrambled Edge, another that black-screened HP computers for 10 minutes at a stretch — have been fixed, almost two weeks later. Microsoft also says it fixed cellular connectivity problems.

If all of the buggy cumulative updates make you feel a bit creepy, compare and contrast the reality to last week’s announcement that Windows 10 Creators Update is the “best and most reliable” version of Windows 10.

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Sony’s Foolish Failure to Learn From Microsoft’s Mistake

Microsoft has learned a lot of very hard lessons over the last couple of decades, and it continues to surprise and annoy me that other firms seem to have the suicidal tendency to learn the same lessons the hard way. It is far better and cheaper to avoid the mistakes of others, but firms like Apple, Google and, most recently, Sony seem to want to experience past Microsoft disasters first hand.

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